How To Hire US

How To Hire US


Forensic accounting can become a very expensive exercise but you get the results you pay for. Over the years we have work so many cases and continue to educate ourselves with the latest fraud techniques we have become highly efficient. Our efficiency has allowed us to past this cost saving on to you.


How To Hire Us.

Our firm has developed what is called the phase forensic accounting approach. Instead of paying fees upfront we perform what is called, the preliminary phase to determine how much if any fraud is present. Paying for the first phase will allow you to see if you need to go any further. This method has help many clients save money and time. The second phase of the investigation is the fieldwork; this is where we dive in if we was successful in the first phase. The third phase is the wrap of the audit and the presentation of our findings.


Where possible we use para professionals to assist with the case, this way you are not always billed at the partners or senior rate. Our blended rate approach saves the client money and get more productive hours for the case.


We always require a retainer, the amount of the retainer is based on the scope of work and how complicated the cases is. We billed against the retainer as work is performed, we inform the client when the retainer is close to exhaustion.

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