Forensic Audit Business Interruptions

Forensic Audit Business Interruptions


Engaged by Law Office Roger Cadet

We were hired to calculate the economic damages of a $3 million dollar by one of the construction partners in the construction business. One of the partners stole from his other partner by transferring money out of the company bank accounts over a period of several years into various shell companies. Our forensic audit revealed that it was $5 million dollars that was actually stolen, as opposed to three million dollars. We performed a damage report and a valuation for the business. The court ultimately dissolved the partnership.


Engaged by Law Office Brett Trembly

We were hired by the Law Office of Brett Trembly to investigate the misappropriation of $2 million dollars in asset stolen from the school by one of the partners. Our investigation revealed that the managing partner used the school’s money for personal gains investing in several real estate ventures and lavish vacations. Our audit revealed that the managing partner wrote large checks to shell companies that she created in family and friends’ name to funnel and conceal the cash. The analysis of bank statements and invoices also revealed that the managing partner paid ghost employees over $200,000 dollars. The court awarded the client the business and ordered restitution of $500,000 dollars.


Business Interruption Claim Preparation and Negotiation

In the aftermath of last year’s hurricanes, many Florida businesses were left with substantial un-insured losses. For example, one of our clients was only able to recover a portion of a roof damaged by Hurricane Charlie. Their insurance policy did not cover the undamaged portion of the roof, which, under Florida building codes, had to be totally replaced. Even worse, many businesses still had not settled with their insurance companies on the loss of business income — or settled on how much in debts that they are entitled to recover as reimbursement. We were able to provide an economic damage report for $2,000,000 million dollars suffered by our client/ The insurance company settled for $1.5 million dollars.

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