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Forensic Audit Business Interruptions

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Patrick Calhoune was returning from a concert; when; on I 95; going south; near the Fort Lauderdale airport; he was side swiped by an unknown car. Patrick swerved to the left; and then had to sharply turn the steering wheel to the right in order to avoid smashing into the dividing barrier. As a result, he went down a steep incline onto the grassy area, to the right of the shoulder on I 95. The Ford Mustang rolled over. The safety feature of the vehicle failed to function and Patrick’s left arm was severed, just above his elbow. Mr. Calhoune left arm was flailing around as his Ford rolled over. We provided an economic damage report for the client for $1.8 million dollars and testified in federal court. The case was settled by Ford Motors and the client for $1 million.

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Business Interruption Claim Preparation and Negotiation
In the aftermath of last year’s hurricanes, many Florida businesses were left with substantial un-insured losses. For example, one of our clients was only able to recover a portion of a roof damaged by Hurricane Charlie. Their insurance policy did not cover the undamaged portion of the roof, which, under Florida building codes, had to be totally replaced. Even worse, many businesses still had not settled with their insurance companies on the loss of business income — or settled on how much in debts that they are entitled to recover as reimbursement. We were able to provide an economic damage report for $2,000,000 million dollars suffered by our client/ The insurance company settled for $1.5 million dollars.

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Balmore A. Nativi was employed by Atlas Air for the position of first officer on B747-400. Subsequently, Mr. Nativi was fired due to discriminatory reasons at the hands of two FAA Designed examiners. Because of Mr. Nativi’s job loss, he suffered immediate and prospective economic damages and damage to his reputation by Atlas. The damage Mr. Nativi suffered was calculated from the date of loss. Atlas Air not only fired Mr. Nativi for the position for which he was qualified; they also black balled his name in the aviation industry, causing other airlines to reject his application and/or to hire him below his appropriate qualification level. Mr. Nativi was working for 50-65% less pay than his normal pay. Our economic damage report calculated that our client lost $2.4 million dollars. Atlas airline settled the case for $1 million dollars.

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The client’s retail business sustained severe fire damages; a substantial amount of the client inventory was destroyed. The accounting system was also destroyed with all of its inventory records. We were hired to calculate the economic damages suffered by the client. Based on our analysis, the client lost an estimated $3 million dollars. Our report was submitted to the insurance company and the client settled for $2 million dollars.
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We were chosen by the Law Firm of Parks and Crump in Tallahassee, Florida for the calculation of economic losses incurred by Danzy’s Bail Bonds in closing his business to partner with Preferred Capital, a large Insurance Retailer. Based on our forensic accounting work; we favorably closed the case by demonstrating that Danzy’s Bail Bond had suffered severe economic damages. Moreover, the amount our client was seeking was fair. In conclusion, our client received a favorable amount in light of our forensic analysis and expertise.

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