Divorce Fraud In Florida

Divorce Fraud in Florida

Imagine entering a divorce settlement only to find out later that your spouse committed divorce fraud.  Divorce fraud occurs when someone uses deception to alter a result for financial or personal gain. 

The most common divorce fraud involves the value of something, typically a business, real estate or investment.  Divorce fraud occurs when one party purposefully represents a lower value for the asset.  Thus, less money is paid to the spouse.  Divorce fraud also occurs in custody and support cases.

There is no independent action for divorce fraud.

The Miami Florida Court of Appeals decided in the case of Simpson v. Simpson that there is no recognized cause of action for damages arising from divorce fraud.  However, . . . 

Florida law does provide remedies to fix divorce fraud, however, time is limited.

In most Florida divorce cases, you are required to fix the fraud in the divorce court. McKenzie Forensic Group can help you avoid these problems

Divorce fraud and the Florida Court Rules.

If you suspect your spouse has committed divorce fraud the Miami Court Rule 2.612(C) allows a party to seek relief from divorce fraud within one year after the Judgment of Divorce is entered.

Foreman rule.

The Miami Court of Appeals case of Foreman v. Foreman carved out a limited exception to the one year time to seek relief from divorce fraud.  In the Foreman case, the parties entered a divorce settlement contract which was incorporated but not merged into the Judgment of Divorce.  The Court of Appeals decided that under this unique set of circumstances, contract rules apply and you can seek relief from divorce fraud within 6 years after the settlement agreement is signed by suing in contract.

Legal malpractice. 

The standard of care in a divorce case requires Florida divorce lawyers to obtain appraisals and independent valuations of the assets and liabilities of the marital estate.   This process is called discovery.  Sometimes lawyers do a bad job and fail to advise their clients about discovery.  Failing to advise a client or otherwise conduct discovery often paves the way for a spouse to commit divorce fraud.  Call McKenzie Forensic Group so we can assist you with the discovery

As a general rule, a legal malpractice action must be brought within 2 years of the alleged malpractice. (or within six months of the discovery of the legal malpractice provided the malpractice occurred less than 6 years ago). 

Protecting against divorce fraud.

While it may not be possible to protect against every type of divorce fraud, the right Forensic Accountant can make a difference in helping make a settlement fair.  Never waive discovery unless you are certain that all of the assets and liabilities have been accurately disclosed.  Trust but verify.

We provide more information on Florida divorce and Florida Custody law than anyone.

Change is rarely easy, sometimes complicated and often emotional.   Let a Florida divorce attorney experienced in family law help you.

We utilize a team approach to focus on solutions by applying Florida law properly.  We specialize in helping you focus on your goals, protect your property interests, manage your custody and support interest, and keep you happy in life’s most difficult circumstances.

Our commitment is to solve problems at an affordable cost. We love to settle cases, but are not afraid to fight.

We want to help you manage your situation. Let our exceptional forensic team help you

Nathaniel McKenzie | 02/24/2018

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