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We were hired to calculate the economic damages for a $3 million dollars construction company. One of the partners stole from the partnership by transferring money out of the company’s bank accounts over a period of several years into various shell companies. Our forensic audit revealed that it was $5 million dollars that was actually stolen, as opposed to three million dollars. We performed a damage report and a valuation for the business. The court ultimately dissolved the partnership and awarded the other partners with payouts.

Economic Damages Business

The client’s retail business sustained severe fire damages; a substantial amount of the client inventory was destroyed. The accounting system was also destroyed with all of its inventory records. We were hired to calculate the economic damages suffered by the client. Based on our analysis, the client lost an estimated $3 million dollars. Our report was submitted to the insurance company and the client settled for $2 million dollars.

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A business owner suspected his partner of stealing several hundred thousand dollars from him. Our investigation found it was $2 million that was stolen from the partnership.

A company lost their warehouse in a fire, we performed a comprehensive economic damage report and the insurance company settle based on our work for $3 million.

A wife suspected her husband was under valuing their business for divorce; we performed a comprehensive valuation, which valued the company for 50% more.

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